Breakaway – Gold Rivets

Breakaway – Gold Rivets

Snag-proof nylon cat collar with breakaway buckle and gold rivets

  • Adjustable length (8-13” / 20-33 cm) for maximum comfort
  • Breakaway buckle design releases your cat when their collar gets caught
  • (Removable) bell to warn wildlife of your cat’s presence
  • Other varieties available: Regular, Reflective, Decorative, and Silver Rivets

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Catit Breakaway, a collar for adventurous kitties

Crafted with safety and comfort in mind, Catit Breakaways are made from snag-proof nylon weave that will not shrink or tighten when snagged or scratched. The safe breakaway buckle design releases your cat when their collar gets caught, preventing injuries. The collar features a (removable) gold bell to help you locate your cat more easily and warn wildlife of your cat’s presence.

Adjustable length for maximum comfort

The length of the collar (8-13’’ / 20-33 cm) can be adjusted to get the perfect fit for your cat. Instruction guide

Gold Rivets

The Gold Rivet Breakaways are available in four eye-catching designs: Blue with Pink Hearts, White with Polka Dots, Red Nautical, and Red & White with Flowers.