Nylon Collar

Snag-proof nylon collar for cats

  • Features metal buckle and silver bell
  • Adjustable length for maximum comfort (8-13”)
  • Two types: Regular and Expandable Collars

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Catit Nylon Collar: combine comfort with style

Crafted with safety and comfort in mind, Catit Nylon Collars are made from snag-proof nylon weave that will not shrink or tighten when snagged or scratched. The collars feature a (removable) bell to help you locate your cat more easily and warn wildlife of your cat’s presence. The Nylon Collars are available in two types: Regular and Expandable.

Regular Collar

This soft, sturdy-woven nylon collar is suitable for use with the Catit Nylon Tie-Out. Just attach one end of the Tie-Out to the attachment ring on the cat’s collar, and the other end to a tie-out stake or sturdy anchor.

Expandable Collar

This collar has built-in elastic inserts that can allow your cat to wiggle free from their collar should it become entangled in bushes, fences, etc. The expandable collars are not suitable for use with tie-outs.

Adjustable length for maximum comfort

The length of the collar (8-13’’ / 20-33 cm) can be adjusted to get the perfect fit for your cat. Instruction guide

Available in three colors

The Nylon Collar is available in three fashionable colors: red, black and light blue.