Help Pixi help shelter cats - it’s free!

Here at Catit, we have a tradition of supporting shelters globally. Did you know that our office cat Pixi was rescued and cared for by a cat rescue organization before she came to live with us? Our furry mascot Pixi wants to give her friends in shelters around the world a delicious, festive New Year’s meal and tons of toys! However, tiny as Pixi is, she could use a little help. Your help!


Support cats in need by helping the shelter of your choice win an amazing prize pack of Catit items!

Support cats in need by helping the shelter of your choice win an amazing prize pack of Catit items!

How it works

1) enter your favourite shelter in the contest before November 15.
2) voting starts on November 19.

Get all your friends and family to vote for your favourite shelter. The shelters with the most votes on December 6 are given a special prize pack full of Catit goodies!

Enter here

Thank you for entering your favourite shelter in the contest. The voting phase starts on November 19.


  • A shelter must be a non-profit, registered charity to be eligible.
  • A shelter can only win once.
  • Prizes are for shelter use only.

Catit cannot be held accountable for any misconduct outside of our control or knowledge. We reserve the right to withhold a prize or discontinue partnership at our own discretion.

Prize pack

The prize pack for the winning shelters contains the following items:

  • Shorthair Grooming Kit
  • Senses 2.0 Super Circuit
  • Senses 2.0 Oval Scratcher
  • Flower Fountain
  • Triple Action Filter – 5 pack
  • 8 x Catit Creamy Assorted Multi Pack – 12 pack
  • 3 x Catit Nibbly Wraps
  • 3 x Catit Nibbly Grills – Chicken & Fish
  • 6 x Catit Chicken Dinner – Tilapia & Green Beans
  • 6 x Catit Fish Dinner – Whitefish & Pumpkin
  • Flower Placemat – Green
  • Fountain Cleaning Set
  • Senses 2.0 Digger
  • Circuit Ball Toy with Scratch Pad

Lucky winners

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing happy kitties enjoying themselves with their toys.
Find out which shelters have won a Catit prize pack in the past, and see how their resident cats liked their surprise.