Cara Blommaert

Hi everyone! I’m Cara Blommaert.

I’m a 24-year-old teacher trainee (English and Arts) from Belgium. I would love to start teaching Arts in the near future.

In my works you can see that I’m still experimenting with different styles. Since I’m still studying to become an Arts teacher I’m discovering different fabrics and materials on a daily basis, which helps me to find my own style.

The work I entered in the Catit International Art Contest was one that I made during Graphics class. It’s a linocut, printed with blue ink. My muse was Bruno: my boyfriend’s cat.

On this page, you can see some of my latest works on bacteria. I made them for a school assignment. I think the end result looks pretty neat.

Next, you can see my first painting and two of my drawings. Painting and drawing is what I like doing the most.

Sometimes I make artworks on request. I also love making artworks as a gift for family and friends. I am truly over the moon that, since I’m an Arts teacher trainee, my homework consists of making art.

If you would like some more information about my art, please feel free to contact me at