Chris Sanchez

My name is Chris Sanchez

and I’m a pet portrait artist from Arizona. I currently have eleven cats and one bird, and they are often my inspirations for art.

I am completely self-taught and have been practicing my art since a very young age. I started out with drawing stick figures on paper and now draw realistic animals on a digital canvas, using the program Photoshop CC and a graphics tablet. Although cats are my main subjects, I also draw birds, reptiles, dogs, small pets, and wildlife.

My winning portrait captures the curious personality of one of my favorite wild cats– the margay, a cat known for living most of its life in trees. I wanted to capture the inquisitive expression through the eyes, which is why they are the focal point of this painting. Besides this portrait, some of my best works include portraits of a Somali cat and a Maine coon kitten.

But full realism is not my only style; I also draw in a simpler style, made using the selection tool in Photoshop. Capturing the pets personality through each tiny detail is the most important thing to me, which is why I spend 10+ hours on a single digital painting, even on smaller pets like rats and birds. You can find my art and order your own portrait by contacting me through my Instagram account, @artistic.catgeek.