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  • Artist of the week – María Periñán

    EnglishFrançaisEspañolDeutchNederlandsEnglish Hello! My name is María Periñán. I’m a young illustrator, lover of design and nature. In each illustration I make, like in my artwork PERSIAN, I try to illustrate the exterior of every cat, dog ... etc but also its interior, that is, its character, intentions or feelings. Because not only the human being [...] Continue Reading
  • Artist of the week – Corinne Maggiore

    My name is Corinne Maggiore. Entirely self-taught, I’ve been drawing since I was very young. In October 2016, I had the desire and the need to be self-employed and to try to make a living out of my passion. Thus, I create commissioned portraits out of dry pastels from photographs of horses and animals. […]

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  • Artist of the week – Agustina Pasqualis

    My name is Agustina. I am a teacher and an amateur photographer. I live in Argentina, with my husband, my dogs, and my cats. Some years ago, I became interested in the world of photography. […]

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  • Artist of the week – Chris Sanchez

    My name is Chris Sanchez and I’m a pet portrait artist from Arizona. I currently have eleven cats and one bird, and they are often my inspirations for art. I am completely self-taught and have been practicing my art since a very young age. I started out with drawing stick figures on paper and now draw […]

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  • Artist of the week – MG Stout

    Hi, I’m MG Stout – Mary Gallagher Stout in full. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Philosophy from Rosemont College in 1996. In the summer of 2007, I was a graduate resident at Virginia Commonwealth University. I create custom pet portraits for Uncommon Goods Catalog and […]

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  • Artist of the week – Pike Kokkonen

    Hi! My name is Pike Kokkonen. I am a Finnish artist and I have worked as a full-time visual artist for the last couple of years.  I usually work with oil colours, but sometimes I also do drawings. I have four lovely cats in my family. They are all oriental shorthair cats. I usually use […]

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  • Artist of the week – Lauren Wouters

    Hi, I’m Lauren Wouters I’m a (student) graphic designer from Belgium. I make illustrations, collages, videos and photographs. I like to learn from every experience, so in school I tend to choose the most diverse assignments. When I visit places, I get inspired by little things such as colors, structures and people. Sometimes, I even […]

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  • Artist of the week – Krasimira Ilcheva

    My name is Krasimira Ilcheva. I’m an artist from Bulgaria. For me, painting is another world – a world in which the artist tells a lot about him/herself through colors and shapes. The world of painting is a world where anything is possible – you can go anywhere and be anything! This is the greatest […]

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  • Artist of the week – Beth McGeehan

    Hello!  My name is Beth McGeehan and I created the piece “Almost Home”.  I was inspired to make this piece after reading numerous stories of homeless cats taking that “leap of faith” when going up to a house or a human hoping to be adopted into a forever home. What is it that they sense […]

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