• Oval Scratcher – Getting Started

    How do I get my cat to use the Oval Scratcher? The Senses 2.0 Oval Scratcher includes a small pack of catnip to entice your cat to scratch and play. Simply sprinkle some catnip onto the scratcher and watch as your cat starts to become more playful. If you run out of catnip, you can check out [...] Continue Reading
  • Catit Play Spinning Bee – Getting Started

    How do I activate the Spinning Bee? Push the small, yellow button on top of the Spinning Bee. The laser will start to work and after a few seconds the Spinning Bee will start to spin. To turn off the Spinning Bee, push the small, yellow button again. How do I replace the batteries of [...] Continue Reading
  • Catit Play Treat Spinner – Getting Started

    How do I remove the silicone cover? Grab the silicone cover at one edge and simply pull towards the opposite side of the Treat Spinner. How do I clean the Catit Treat Spinner? All parts of the Treat Spinner are dishwasher safe. Simply remove the silicone cover from the base and place both parts in [...] Continue Reading
  • Stainless Steel Fountain – Getting Started

    What to do first? Before assembling the Stainless Steel Fountain, please make sure to disassemble and rinse the pump. Also, thoroughly rinse the filter that is included in the packaging to prevent it from floating. How do I (dis)assemble my Stainless Steel Fountain? Read the instruction manual that was included with your cat fountain or download [...] Continue Reading
  • Stainless Steel Fountain – Troubleshooting

    How can I make my Stainless Steel Fountain less noisy? Make sure that the surface underneath your cat fountain is sturdy and completely level. Place your fountain on the floor, not on a table or a countertop. A wooden floor will naturally be noisier than a concrete floor or tiles. Press down on the top [...] Continue Reading
  • Vesper Minou – Getting started

    How do I assemble my Vesper Minou? Thank you for having purchased a piece of Vesper cat furniture! We hope you and your cat will enjoy the latest addition to your interior design. Our Vesper cat furniture is designed to be appealing, sturdy, and comfortable for your cat to relax and play on. Did you […]

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  • Magic Blue – Getting Started

    Does Magic Blue really work? That’s a good question! In truth, we were equally hesitant when we started testing the first lab samples. As it’s not possible to remove every single type of odor, our R&D department geared the pads towards ammonia reduction, which is the most pungent and harmful gas in cat urine. We [...] Continue Reading
  • Simulation of ammonia odour in a catpen What is ammonia?

    What is ammonia? Ammonia (NH3) is one of the most commonly produced industrial chemicals. It is used in industry and commerce, and also exists naturally in humans and in the environment. Ammonia is essential for many biological processes and serves as a precursor for amino acid and nucleotide synthesis. In the environment, ammonia is part […]

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  • Vesper Cubo Tower – Getting Started

    How do I assemble my Vesper Cubo Tower? In the video above, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to install your Vesper Cubo Tower. Need some extra information? Please download the instruction manual.

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