dinner time

Dinner time

You might have figured out whether to feed your cat dry of wet food, but there are still some other things to consider. How many times a day does your cat need to be fed, for example, and what sort of dishes should you serve the food on?

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When to start?

Kittens start eating solid food around the age of 4 weeks, intermittently with suckling from their mom. By the time they no longer need milk, around the age of 8 to 9 weeks, they should be feeding solely on solid food. 

Big eyes, small stomachs

Cats are not big eaters and usually eat once every three hours, but not every cat owner is around all day to feed them. Instead, you can feed them a small portion of wet food twice or three times a day and make sure you always have some dry food out for them to feed on in between. Be sure to check the packaging of the food for the nutritional values and the recommended portion. And don’t fall for those big eyes looking imploringly at you when you’re having dinner: like dogs, cats have learned to manipulate their owners by begging, but table scraps are not a proper replacement for cat food.

The importance of a regular diet

Cats that were not properly fed or were starved during their younger years have a tendency to wolf down their food as adults. In addition, they can be aggressive against other cats around their food bowls, so make sure to feed your young cat on a regular schedule. If your cat has developed a habit of wolfing down food, then it’s not wise to leave out dry food during the day because she will probably try to eat all of this as soon as she can. Instead, make sure you feed her a few times a day at regular intervals.