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Test & Keep for free

Are you the lucky owner of a curious cat? Would you like to Test & Keep one of our Catit products for free?

Every once in a while, a few lucky Catit ambassadors and their furry felines get to try out one of our products. All we ask in return from the testers is that they send us a review of the product a few weeks after they received it. Grab your chance to test one of our products now!


Don’t forget to tell us why you and your cat(s) want to test and keep our product!
Open to Catit Ambassadors only!

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How to become a Catit Ambassador:

- You already have a Catit account? Great! Go to your account and click the large, yellow Ambassador button. Next, click “sign up now”.
- You don’t have an account yet? Don’t worry. Just click here to create an account. Don’t forget to tick the “yes” box when asked if you want to become an ambassador!

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