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Getting Started

Thank you for your purchase!
On this page you can find all the information you need to get started with the Catit Spinning Bee.

Catit Play Spinning Bee-getting started

How do I turn the Spinning Bee on?

Insert two AA-batteries (not included with the toy) into the battery compartment. Please use only alkaline or rechargeable batteries, and do not mix different types of battery. Then close the battery compartment and the ball. For more information, see the instruction manual.

To start up the toy, push the small, yellow button on top of the Spinning Bee. The laser will start to work and after a few seconds the Spinning Bee will start to spin. To turn off the Spinning Bee, push the small, yellow button again.

How do I introduce my cat to their new Spinning Bee?

Insert some of your cat’s favorite treats into the treat compartment. Switch the toy on and give it a little nudge to make it move and draw your cat’s attention. The Spinning Bee will take care of the rest!


How many batteries are needed, and of which type?

The Catit Spinning Bee takes two AA-batteries (not included). Please use only alkaline or rechargeable batteries, and do not mix different types of battery.

How do I replace the batteries?

Unscrew the bottom yellow part of the Spinning bee from the blue ring above it. Open the battery compartment inside and replace the batteries. Finally, close the battery compartment and screw the yellow bottom part back onto the ball. No screwdriver needed!

How large is the opening for treats?

At its widest point, the opening measures 1,2 x 1,5 cm (0.4 x 0.6 in).

That poor bee is taking a lot of hits from my cats! Can the bee be replaced?

Yes, we offer replacement bees in packs of 2.

Cleaning & maintenance

How do I clean the Spinning Bee?

Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the Spinning Bee. Do not clean the product using water, as this may damage the electrical components inside. Also make sure that no water gets into the battery compartment.



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