Catit Feeding Dish – Single & Double


How do I introduce my cat to their new Catit Feeding Dish?

We recommend cleaning the dish before use. Simply set your cat’s new feeding dish down in a cat-friendly area on your floor or countertop and insert their usual food.

Tip: Add a few treats to your cat’s meal to entice them to start using their new dish.

What size are the dishes?

One dish can hold approximately 200 ml (6.83 fl oz) of dry or wet food.

How do I remove the stainless steel dish?

Simply lift up the stainless steel dish to remove it from its base.


How do I clean the Catit Feeding Dish?

The stainless steel dishes are dishwasher-safe and easy to remove from their base. You can wash the base with a soft sponge and a non-abrasive cleaning agent that’s safe for your cat.



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