Flower Fountain

3L Drinking Fountain with Triple-Action Filter 

  • Allows 3 water flow settings for picky drinkers
  • Unlike bowls, the Flower Fountain offers only fresh water on top
  • Compact 3 L (100 fl oz) reservoir
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials
  • Includes Water Softening Filter and small energy-efficient pump
  • Ergonomic design matching the Catit Multi Feeder

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Unlike bowls, the Catit Flower Fountain pushes only filtered, running water to the surface, to encourage your cat to drink more.

Drinking regularly is important for your cat’s health, as it helps ensure proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases.

3 water flow settings for picky drinkers!

The Catit Flower Fountain can be set to a gentle water flow, bubbling top or calm streams.

Includes Water Softening Filter

The Catit Flower Fountain includes a high performance Water Softening Filter. The filter continuously purifies and softens hard tap water, removes chlorine odors and bacteria, and retains stray hairs, sediment and debris.

Easy to clean

Simply hand-wash each part with natural soap, free of chemicals or abrasive solutions and rinse thoroughly.