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Catit Gold Fern Air-Dried is only available in North America.

New Zealand’s finest, crafted in small batches

How Catit Gold Fern is made? We carefully select the best ingredients New Zealand has to offer – and their regulations are among the strictest! Next, we lovingly prepare your cat’s food in small batches for optimal quality, because your cat deserves the very best.

95% pure meat, gently air-dried to perfection

Catit Gold Fern is slowly air-dried using an ancient technique, enabling us to include much more meat while also preserving nutrients to the fullest. That’s how our bite-sized flakes get their nutritional benefits and delightful natural texture.

Ethically sourced ingredients

The meat in Catit Gold Fern doesn’t just derive from pristine New Zealand, it’s sourced from ethically managed farms, where animals are raised humanely. Catit Gold Fern also includes New Zealand’s green-lipped mussel, naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

How feeding less equals to giving so much more

During the air drying process, the Catit Gold Fern flakes shrink down, all the while retaining. retaining their nutritional qualities. As such, you could feed your cat less Catit Gold Fern and still give the same or a higher amount of nutrition as you would feeding a standard cat food.

3 flavorful varieties your cat won’t be able to resist

Is your cat more into chicken, beef, or lamb & mackerel? Regardless of their preference, there’s  a Catit Gold Fern for every kitty’s taste.

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