• Ginger cat grabbing little toy Training your cat

    Can cats be trained? You may have read the title of this article and gone “Training a cat? That’s absurd! Cats can’t be trained!”. In which case you’ll be surprised to hear that cats can, in fact, be trained. Granted, they can’t be trained in the same way as dogs and they will probably never […]

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  • New feline member - what to expect - blog A new feline family member – What to expect

    Hurray, there’s a new family member in the house and it’s an adorable kitten! Here is a short overview of the changes that your tiny little furball will go through. WEEK 1 Welcome to the family, tiny helpless kitty! Newborn kittens are virtually blind and deaf. They rely on scent to recognize their mom. At […]

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  • British shorthair cat surrounded by flowers Beautiful yet poisonous – 19 common plants and flowers to watch out for

    These 19 plants and flowers are popular decorations around the house and garden. But did you know they are actually poisonous to cats? Ingestion of (parts of ) the plant or flower can result in problems with the respiratory system, digestive tract, cardiac problems and even death. Be extremely careful with the following flowers and [...] Continue Reading
  • why you should get a drinking fountain 5 Reasons why your cat needs a drinking fountain

    Cats are notoriously picky drinkers Some only drink from their human’s glass of water, others refuse to drink from any vessel and meow until you turn on the tap. Have you ever thought about getting your cat a Catit drinking fountain? This is why you should: 1. Most cats don’t drink enough Did you know [...] Continue Reading
  • cat looking at scratched furniture 5 Ways to prevent your furniture from getting scratched

    Get your cat a vertical scratcher Some cats just love to stretch their entire body when scratching. For these cats, a tall vertical scratching surface is a must. The Vesper High Base and Vesper Box Large have an extra-long scratching pole while the Vesper Cubo Tower comes with a long and durable scratching mat attached [...] Continue Reading
  • reduce the smell in your litter box 5 Ways to reduce smell in your litter box

    As a cat owner, you know how smelly litter boxes can get. We offer 5 quick solutions to this stinky problem. Scoop the box every day This is probably the most obvious tip. Scooping on a daily basis prevents odors from building up, keeping your house free of nasty smells. Replace all the litter and [...] Continue Reading
  • Close-up of Catit stainless steel drinking fountain in motion Stainless Steel Fountain – Troubleshooting

    How can I make my Stainless Steel Fountain less noisy? Make sure that the surface underneath your cat fountain is sturdy and completely level. Place your fountain on the floor, not on a table or a countertop. A wooden floor will naturally be noisier than a concrete floor or tiles. Press down on the top [...] Continue Reading
  • Pixi playing with the treat spinner Catit Play Treat Spinner – Getting Started

    How do I remove the silicone cover? Grab the silicone cover at one edge and simply pull towards the opposite side of the Treat Spinner. How do I clean the Catit Treat Spinner? All parts of the Treat Spinner are dishwasher safe. Simply remove the silicone cover from the base and place both parts in [...] Continue Reading
  • pixi drinking from stainless steel drinking fountain Stainless Steel Fountain – Getting Started

    What to do first? Before assembling the Stainless Steel Fountain, please make sure to disassemble and rinse the pump. Also, thoroughly rinse the filter that is included in the packaging to prevent it from floating. How do I (dis)assemble my Stainless Steel Fountain? Read the instruction manual that was included with your cat fountain or download [...] Continue Reading