Agustina Pasqualis

Hi Catit friends!

My name is Agustina. I am a teacher and an amateur photographer. I live in Argentina, with my husband, my dogs, and my cats.

Some years ago, I became interested in the world of photography. To me, there is beauty in the everyday and the spontaneous, and I believe that through a photograph one can show his point of view, freezing forever that moment of beauty that life gifts to you.

Children are the main subjects of my photographs, and when I am at home I make photographs of my animals. The photograph with which I participated in the Catit International Cat Art Contest, portrays my cat Atila. I found Atila in the parking lot of a supermarket over a year ago. He was meowing, desperate for food. I put him in the car, and from that moment on we were inseparable. He reminded me of how much I loved cats when I was young (I had one when I was little), and how happy I was to smell their fur and just look at them.

When I heard about the Catit contest, I really wanted to participate. I followed Atila around the entire afternoon to see if I could take a picture that I liked. When I sat down at the computer to review the photographs I had taken, he lay down next to me to sleep, with that face of satisfaction. I took the photo and said “this is it!”. I never expected to win, since there were such beautiful photographs participating. Thank you very much to all!

Agustina & Atila