Beth McGeehan

Hello!  My name is Beth McGeehan

and I created the piece “Almost Home”.

 I was inspired to make this piece after reading numerous stories of homeless cats taking that “leap of faith” when going up to a house or a human hoping to be adopted into a forever home.

What is it that they sense or look for in a home? How do they choose the “right” one?  What kind of courage must be called upon when a cat finally decides that being cold and hungry is no longer an option and they must look to us for help.  I wanted to recreate that feeling of anticipation and hope that a cat might feel when choosing their new place.

My muse for my work has always been my cat Dave. He would often jump on top of the pieces I was working on and help me out—many times he actually would add just the right touch.  Dave lived with me for 20 years before going across the Rainbow Bridge last fall, and in his honor I often put a grey cat with green eyes in my pieces. 

For my pieces I use paper, wood, chalk and cat whiskers.  I enjoy the depth that paper can bring—it’s almost a 3-D quality to the work.  The real challenge comes from having enough kitty whiskers available for new pieces.  I’m lucky in that I know many cat people who will save the whiskers their cats shed and send them to me.

I am still relatively new into the fine art cat world and am working on setting up an Etsy and Facebook site.  I’ve started to receive requests for commissions and have expanded to include other animals, but, let’s face it; cats are just awesome to work with!

If interested in a piece I can be messaged on Facebook or contacted at . Thank you for stopping by!