Krasimira Ilcheva

My name is Krasimira Ilcheva.

I’m an artist from Bulgaria.

For me, painting is another world – a world in which the artist tells a lot about him/herself through colors and shapes. The world of painting is a world where anything is possible – you can go anywhere and be anything! This is the greatest magic!

Every day, I thank God for the gift of painting!

In my world, The Cat is at very honorable creature! I love to paint cats in my style, which is already easily recognizable.

Perhaps, to some extent, I express the relationship between people in my paintings, even though I paint cats.

I love to be in nature – I love all of it, which is why nature often is a theme in my paintings!

I paint only what is in my head, in my imagination. My paintings are colorful, cheerful, and positive. I am happy that in today’s gray and confused world, my paintings make people smile and spread a lot of positive energy!

Artworks of my cats can be found in many parts of the world. Most of them are exhibited in the USA, but you can also find my work in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa, Germany, England, Russia, Greece, Turkey, etc.

I think it is wonderful that people from all over the world get to enjoy my cat paintings.

These are Krasimira’s awards and contributions:

  • 2013 participation in the international project “Picture of many” Art Center “Orchid” town. Karlovo, Bulgaria. I was first runner-up with “Knight of the brush.”
  • June 2013 – First solo exhibition at the Art Center “Orchid” town. Karlovo, Bulgaria
  • September 2013 – Second solo exhibition in the city. Yambol, Bulgaria
  • August 2013 – Participation in the International Festival of Arts – Burgas, Bulgaria
  • December 2013 – Third solo exhibition at the Art Club “Morocco” city.
  • Plovdiv Bulgaria
  • January 2014 – “Two artists paint on a canvas” – a joint project with an artist from Denmark
  • March 2014 – Participation in the exhibition “When women talk, towns come to life” – “Casino” c. Burgas, Bulgaria
  • June 2014 – Participation in the First Women’s workshop “Orchid” city. Pomorie, Bulgaria
  • September 2014 – Participation in the workshop “Paraplener” city. Pomorie, Bulgaria
  • September 2014 – participation in the exhibition “Krastodrumishta” c. Sofia, Bulgaria
  • March 2015 – Participation and won first place in a contest for the most original painted cat – Quebec, Canada
  • June 2015 – Participation in the exhibition “THREE” – Galen “Romfea” c. Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • June 2015 – Participation in International workshop “Paraplener” – the island of Samothrace, Greece
  • October 2015 – Participation in the International Exhibition of Fusion Art, Palm Springs, California, USA
  • February 2016 – Participation in the International Exhibition “ART EXPO” – Rome, Italy
  • April 2016 – Participation in the International Exhibition “Art Expo” – Barcelona, Spain