Pike Kokkonen

Hi! My name is Pike Kokkonen.

I am a Finnish artist and I have worked as a full-time visual artist for the last couple of years. 

I usually work with oil colours, but sometimes I also do drawings. I have four lovely cats in my family. They are all oriental shorthair cats. I usually use my own cats as models. All four have their different personalities and characters and all of them are beautiful in their own unique way.  I hope I am able to get a little bit of their soul also onto the canvas or the paper.

Animals have become the main motive in my artwork during recent years. I see animals as human beings with strong emotions and thoughts. I try to speak through the animals I paint and I like to think that it is somewhat easier to comprehend certain topics through an animal character. The language of animals is universal in a similar way as art is – it is convenient to contemplate love, hate, tears or laughter through someone who is on a certain abstract distance but in the same time extremely alive.

As a visual artist I express myself through bright colours. The colours give each painting its soul. I blend my working colours into a very liquid form. My colour choices are a bit unusual, since I do not use absolute black or white at all. The light is generated by the whiteness of a canvas. The dark colours – hues resembling black – consist of a mixture of complementary colours that become more alive in daylight compared to pure black squeezed from a tube.

I do not use a brush very much in my painting technique, but instead use a rag, my hands and nails. My technique makes me work fast, but I also work fast because my aim is to preserve some roughness or edginess in my works. I am careful not to overdo my paintings and therefore I rather stop too early than too late, in a spirit of less is more. This leads to abstract impressions that force also a viewer to catch the previous moment.

My art work is shown at www.pikekokkonen.com.

You find me also on facebook