• Abstract drawing of men with their heads in their hands Lauren Wouters

    Hi, I’m Lauren Wouters I’m a (student) graphic designer from Belgium. I make illustrations, collages, videos and photographs. I like to learn from every experience, so in school I tend to choose the most diverse assignments. When I visit places, I get inspired by little things such as colors, structures and people. Sometimes, I even […]

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  • Black and white drawing of a cat with big ears Pike Kokkonen

    Hi! My name is Pike Kokkonen. I am a Finnish artist and I have worked as a full-time visual artist for the last couple of years.  I usually work with oil colours, but sometimes I also do drawings. I have four lovely cats in my family. They are all oriental shorthair cats. I usually use […]

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  • Painting of a black cat with clouds and a crescent moon Raphaël Vavasseur

    Hi everyone. I’m Raphaël Vavasseur. I’m 41 years old and I live France. I was born in Paris but nowadays I live in the countryside of Normandy. Life in the countryside differs a lot from life in the city, but I just love to be this close to nature. I share my life with three […]

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  • Painting of a birthday party Ananda Wisely

    Hi there, fellow pet lovers! My name is Ananda Wisely. I’m 17 years old and I love to paint! I work with oil pastel and acrylic, which produce these wonderfully vivid colors. I live in the Philippines and I’m a full-time academic scholar. I’m currently taking on a Bachelor in Information Technology with specialization in […]

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  • Ginger cat in a carrier case Garfield the adorable office cat

    Garfield’s story When we arrived at work last month, an unexpected guest awaited us at the door. An adorable ginger tabby cat was sitting at the doorstep, meowing at the top of his lungs. He seemed lost, so we let him in and gave him some food. Our furry pal was incredibly friendly. While he [...] Continue Reading
  • Ammonia filling the litterbox What is ammonia?

    What is ammonia? Ammonia (NH3) is one of the most commonly produced industrial chemicals. It is used in industry and commerce, and also exists naturally in humans and in the environment. Ammonia is essential for many biological processes and serves as a precursor for amino acid and nucleotide synthesis. In the environment, ammonia is part […]

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