Help Your Local Shelter

Support cats in need by helping the shelter of your choice win an amazing prize pack of Catit items!

Support cats in need by helping the shelter of your choice win an amazing prize pack of Catit items!

Pixi sleeping on someones lap

We at Catit have a tradition of supporting shelters globally, but we want to do more. And the good news is that you can help us do so for free.

There are thousands of kind-hearted people working hard to save and nurture unlucky cats who were left to fend for themselves, healing them physically and emotionally in animal shelters and private rescue groups.

We call on you to enter your favourite shelter in our contest via the form below. On the 15th of April, we close submissions and organize public voting. The shelters with the most votes are given a special prize pack full of Catit goodies for their resident cats to enjoy to their heart’s delight. All of this at absolutely no cost to you – we only ask that you share and help spread the word!

Did you know our little office cat Pixi was found on the streets at a very young age? We are forever grateful to the shelter that nourished her until she found her furrever home with us.

Pixi sleeping on someones lap

Lucky winners

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing happy kitties enjoying themselves with their toys.
Find out which shelters have won a Catit prize pack in the past, and see how their resident cats liked their surprise.


  • Only private rescue groups and “no-kill” or “turn-away*” shelters with cats are admitted entry.
  • A shelter can only win once.

*These are shelters that do not take in cats beyond their capacity, resulting in optimal care and lower kill numbers overall.
Please note this is a generalization – each shelter is unique and we can’t speak for every specific case. Catit can not be held accountable for any malpractices outside of our control or knowledge. We reserve the right to withhold a prize or discontinue partnership if animal rights are breached in any way.

Enter here

You do not need to be directly affiliated with the shelter you are entering.

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm everyone. We’ve received loads of different shelter entries.

Prize pack

The prize pack for the winning shelters contains the following items: