International Cat Art Contest

Thank you for participating!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who voted or participated in our International Cat Art Contest. The response was overwhelming! We couldn’t be happier.

Congratulations to…

  • Kelly M. Strope! – Kelly is the winner in the drawing category!
  • Katherine Maniscalco! – Katherine is the winner in the painting category!
  • Denis Savoie! – Denis is the winner in the photography category!
  • Chiaki Takeda! – Chiaki is the winner in the mixed media category!

All category winners will receive a Vesper Base cat tree.

And the overall winner – the winner that received the most votes overall – is… Katherine Maniscalco! Congratulations! In addition to a Vesper Base, Katherine will receive a brand-new iPhone X!

Of course, we won’t leave the other nominees empty-handed. They will be offered their very own web page on our Catit website on which they can promote themselves and their work of art.

Don’t forget to check out the runners-up at the bottom of the page!


Painting by Katherine Maniscalo


Katherine Maniscalco

Drawing by Kelly M Strope


Kelly M Strope

Photography by Denis-Savoie


Denis Savoie

Mixed Media by Chiaki Takeda

Mixed Media

Chiaki Takeda



runner up painting second place

2nd place

runner up painting third place

3rd place


runner up drawing second place

2nd place

runner up drawing third place

3rd place


runner up photography second place

2nd place

runner up photography third place

3rd place


runner up mixed media second place

2nd place

runner up mixed media third place

3rd place