Save up to 15% on selected products!

Save up to 15% on selected products!

While we can strip down to shorts and T-shirt during the hot summer weather, our beloved felines have a warm, furry coat that they must wear all year round. But just like us, cats are also vulnerable to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.

To help keep your cat cool this summer, we have listed some of our best tips for cooling and hydration, along with a few must-have products!

Catit Creamy Ice Pops

Catit Creamy is our healthy and hydrating lickable cat treat made with fresh all-natural ingredients. You can pop a Creamy in the freezer to make a delicious, healthy cat ice pop. A welcome relief during hot summer days! And what’s more: your cat will be able to enjoy their Creamy for much longer!

Drinking Fountains

Did you know that cats don’t have the instinct to drink much? Wild cats get most of the moisture they need from the prey they catch. Since indoor cats can’t catch any mice, birds, or other prey, they should drink a lot of water. Entice your cats to drink more by providing them with a drinking fountain. Click on the products to see the offer!