Garfield the adorable office cat

Garfield’s story

When we arrived at work last month, an unexpected guest awaited us at the door. An adorable ginger tabby cat was sitting at the doorstep, meowing at the top of his lungs. He seemed lost, so we let him in and gave him some food. Our furry pal was incredibly friendly. While he was enjoying some dry food, he took a pause every now and then to come over to us and give us a head bump.

After we fed the poor animal, the search for his owner began. Since the ginger tabby didn’t wear a collar, we had no way of knowing where he came from or what his name was. We decided to call him Garfield.

We put Garfield in a cat carrier and took him to the vet to see whether or not he was microchipped. Unfortunately, no chip was found. When we arrived back at the office, we noticed that Garfield had some ticks. Since our first aid kit didn’t contain a tick remover, we headed to the pharmacy to get one. It was a bit of a team effort, but we managed to remove the nasty critters from Garfield’s fur.

Next, we continued the search for Garfield’s owner. We asked all the neighbors, but no one knew where Garfield might have lived before he ended up with us. One neighbor however remarked that every year several pets are abandoned in our neighborhood. Could someone really have dumped Garfield and left him to fend for himself? This would be horrifying!

A little shaken and soaking wet due to the pouring rain, we headed back to the office where Garfield had made friends with Pixi. They are so adorable together!

We decided, however, that it wouldn’t be fair to just keep Garfield. After all, he might still have a family waiting for him. We felt it was in Garfield’s best interest to hand him over to the local Police department, who pledged to help find Garfield’s owner. They even posted some pictures of our beloved furry friend on their Facebook page.

Unfortunately, the Facebook post yielded no results and Garfield was handed over to a local no-kill shelter. Right after Garfield arrived at the shelter, we went to pay him a visit. He was being kept in quarantine until he gets his vaccines and is ready to get neutered. The wonderful people at the shelter assured us that a handsome boy like Garfield would find a new home soon. In the end it turned out that they were right. Just last week, Garfield got welcomed in his new forever home. We wish you all the best, sweet ginger boy.