Catit Creative Diary

 Each month, we give our homepage a completely new look so we can provide you with an even more fun website visit.
After all, we’d love to see you back.

Check out all our website themes!

Catit April 2018 Theme

Product Tips & Tricks

In April we filled our website with tips & tricks about your favorite Catit products. Read them all so you and your cat(s) will be able to enjoy your Catit product(s) to the fullest! In addition, we also wrote articles on how to keep your furniture scratch-free, how to get rid off that nasty litter box smell, and the reasons why your cat needs a drinking fountain to stay hydrated.

Catit March 2018 Theme

Shelter Appreciation Month

All cats are amazing, but unfortunately not all of them had an amazing start in life. In March we celebrated those people who help turn the tables and give homeless cats a warm place to live.
You can make your own contribution too – and it’s entirely free! Go to our Shelter Ambassador Contest page and help your favorite shelter win a set of fabulous prizes!

Catit February 2018 theme

Designed for cats

Surprise! This month we celebrate cats as our creative muses. Cats have always been our joy and inspiration. That is why each Catit product is carefully developed for and playfully tested by cats of all ages and breeds.

Have fun discovering our newest product designs – and don’t forget to check out this month’s themed video – we hope it will inspire you!

Catit January 2018 theme

Let’s get crafty!

To highlight our 4th Catit International Art Contest, we gave our Catit homepage an artful makeover! Watch the video to make our website spring to life!

Do you love making cat-themed art yourself? Click here to participate in our international cat art contest!

Catit December 2017 theme

Happy Holidays!

To celebrate the most festive time of the year, we decorated our homepage with all kinds of shiny Christmas ornaments. Even our office cat Pixi lent us a hand … or paw… to make everything look perfect! Check out how we achieved this enchanting look in the video.