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Every once in a while, a few lucky Catit ambassadors and their furry felines get to try out one of our products.
All we ask in return from the testers is that they send us a review of the product a few weeks after they received it.
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Pixi trying to get the treats out of the treat spinner

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Catit Play Treat Spinners

The Treat Spinner is a slow feeder with silicone cover. Simply insert treats or kibble into the flower-shaped top opening and let your cat work for its food! Do you think that your cat would love to test and review this product?

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Melanie H. • Garcia M. M. • Elaine C.• Jill B. • Lynn B. • Tom S. • Serena R. W. • Louis C.
Amanda T. • Morgan H. • Amanda G.K. • Becky S. • Ryan D. • Lea C. • Katie M.
Tony F. • Kelsey Y. • Debora O. • Doris F. • Mitchell C. • Camilla C.R. • Audrey T.
Michelle H. C. • Alex C. • Michelle B.M. • Eve L. • Giselle A. • Michelle M.
Danielle B. • Sarah N. • Amanda A.B. • Stacia S. • Annie G. • Sara J. • Don H.
Christy A. • Sally B. • Rebecca S. • Mary Y. • Shannon W. • Tara O. • Pooja D. • Angie P.