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Every once in a while, a few lucky Catit For You members and their furry felines get to try out one of our products.
All we ask in return from the testers is that they send us a review of the product a few weeks after they received it.
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Catit Cabrio

Test the Catit Cabrio Cat Carrier!

Are you traveling with your cat, this summer? Then you just might need a Catit Cabrio cat carrier to transport him in! The Catit Cabrio is a spacious and luxurious cat carrier that folds open from the top to reduce stress. The front door is made out of sturdy, clear plastic so your beloved feline won’t feel trapped.

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Cabrio Multi Functional Cat Carrier - Blue Gray
Cabrio Multi Functional Cat Carrier - Cherry Red
Cabrio Multi Functional Cat Carrier - Turqoise

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Deike S. • Mercedes S. • Nadine S. • Karla D. • Ulrike H. • David A. • Rocío A. • Lydia R.
Reg A. • Kerry G. • Stephen L. • Aimee L. • Anthony B. • John W. • Jo P. • Clara L.
Maggie A. • Teri F. • Sharon D. • Kacee M. • Melissa R. • Andria W. • Alice T. • Saira S.
Jayde M. • Tricia H.-P. • Metta N. • Linda L. • Whitney K. • Megan P. • Jenna D. • Angela G.
Tom F. • April S. • Callie D. • Jill M. S. • Justina P. C. • Deb O.