Nynke van Holten

“Eyes are the window to the soul” is a well-known saying mostly used for people, but for me, it is the foundation of my work with cats and other animals.

Cat’chy Images rapidly evolved to a multiple Award winning brand with a very recognizable style. Three characteristics of Cat’chy Images are plain backgrounds, focus on the eyes and the model’s posture. All together creating an image that mirrors the majestic and regal origin of the cat, giving the observer a feeling that the cat is ready to tell its story.

My passion for pet photography started with cats and over the years I expanded my field to other animals. I am a cat person by nature and I feel that – seeing the challenges you encounter working with cats – this gave me an extremely good base for engaging in animal photography with other animals too.

As a pet photographer, my work goes beyond just taking pictures. From handling the cat during the shoot until post processing; the goal is to produce individual pieces of art. I want the owner to recognize their cat’s unique personality whilst still making a perfect picture that appeals to others.

Beside single-cat photo shoots, we take great pride in being able to photograph litters of up to 8 kittens(the sky is the limit) and having them all focused and lined up. This is hard work but so amazing and fulfilling. Cat’chy Images is well known for this talent and is asked to engage in photo shoots internationally on a regular basis. We are no stranger in Greece, Germany, Belarus, and Belgium etc.

It is possible to order Cat’chy Images from your pet directly at us and we love to discuss your wishes.

We would like to stretch the point that at Cat’chy there is no ‘impossible’ or ‘can’t’. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can and will get that photograph that you want, regardless of the location or the type of animal.

How-to and possibilities:

  • You can visit Cat’chy Images in the Netherlands;
  • We come to you either in the Netherlands or anywhere in the world, bringing our studio to your home which keeps the cat most relaxed since it is still in its own environment;
  • Attend one of the International cat shows (for example Fife World show 2017). We provide the possibility for the participants to have a mini shoot from Cat’chy Images on show. For our attendance, see http://catchyimages.nl/show-events/. We advise to pre-book your mini shoot so you won’t be disappointed if the shoots are fully booked.
  • Private shoots;
  • Event photography;
  • Tailor made images for your cat-related business;
  • Selected Cat’chy Images available as stock.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or social media.

www: catchyimages.nl