Sandra Ilgaz

Hi, I’m Sandra.

I live in the beautiful “Weltstadt mit Herz” München. My hobby is animal photography, which I started because of my dog. Unfortunately, she has passed away. At the moment, the main subjects of my photographs are my own cats, Mia (a Maine coon mix) and Yoshi (a ragdoll), and my guinea pigs. Sometimes I have other cats or dogs in front of my lens too, though I am best known for my cat photography. My photography is a passion, in which I invest a lot of time.

The photograph I entered in the contest was actually a snapshot. Mia lay completely relaxed on her back on the bed, so I could quietly shoot some photographs. The result looks great and this is one of my absolute favourite pictures of her. I even have an enlarged version of it on my wall at home. For me, the photo exudes absolute confidence and calmness, yet Mia has a keen eye for her surroundings.

Before a photo shoot starts, I already have an idea of what kind of photograph I want to achieve. Putting my ideas into practice isn’t that easy though, since my cats and guinea pigs often have some ideas of their own. With food and patience, however, I usually come to the desired result. Sometimes, I have to take what the animal offers me though. On the other hand, there have been instances in which my cats and guinea pigs performed better than some dogs. I’m usually on my own during photo shoots, though some assistance comes in very handy.

You can find more of my photographs on my website and my Facebook page.