Why does my cat need a slow feeder?

Why does my cat need a slow feeder?

Cats are natural-born hunters. In nature, they need to hunt down their prey in order to get hold of a delicious meal. Housecats, however, often have their food served to them on a silver platter. Do you want to change this habit? Special feeding bowls called “slow feeders” appeal to your cat’s instincts and make your cat work for their food in a fun way.

Slow feeders are a wonderful invention as they stimulate natural hunting behaviour, thus preventing boredom. As we all know, entertained cats tend to get less destructive so that’s good news for your furniture! However, the greatest benefit of slow feeders is without a doubt that they prevent your cat from binge eating and throwing up afterwards.

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Which slow feeder is the best for my cat?

Below, we briefly discuss all our Catit slow feeders and their greatest benefits.

Multi Feeder

The Catit Multi Feeder is perfect if you want to feed your cat both kibble and wet food. Simply fill the paw pit with kibble and serve wet food in the front part of the Multi Feeder. As a bonus, the Multi Feeder opens up so cat food can be stored inside.

Senses 2.0 Digger

This playful slow feeder consists of a base with bright green tubes. Watch as your cat paws kibble out of the tubes and eats the pieces of kibble one by one. The Digger contains both wide and narrow tubes for different difficulty levels, and integrates nicely into the Catit Senses 2.0 setup.

Senses 2.0 Food Tree

This tree-shaped treat tower is perfect if you want to feed more kibble at a time. Add kibble to the different levels and watch as your cat makes the kibble or treats fall down into the collector tray. Thanks to the rotating disks inside, you can change the difficulty level, so even the smartest cats don’t get too much food at once. Just like the Digger, the Food Tree integrates perfectly into the Catit Senses 2.0 setup.

Catit Play Treat Puzzle

This playful puzzle combines six different fun activities for your cat to explore when you’re not at home. As the Treat Puzzle tends to hold slightly less kibble than the previous slow feeders, we would recommend using the maze for treats rather than for kibble.

Catit Play Treat Spinner

The Treat Spinner is a fun toy to keep your cat active. Simply add treats to the flower-shaped top opening and watch as your cat spins the top around. The Treat Spinner features dynamic treat spaces and paw holes for extra interactivity.

How to get my cat to use a slow feeder?

First of all, never force your cat to use the slow feeder right away. You know how cats are: if you force them to use an item, they will hate the very item before you can say “Bob’s your uncle”. Cats tend to be interested in the items their humans use. We suggest fiddling a little with the slow feeder so your cat will come over to see what’s going on. Of course, adding your cat’s favourite treats to the slow feeder is a great way to grab your cat’s attention, too. If your cat loses interest in the feeder, put it away for a few days and then reintroduce it in a different spot. This will make your cat think of the slow feeder as an entirely new toy!