International Cat Art Contest 2018

Welcome to the fourth annual International Cat Art Contest! Do you like to paint? Are you great at creating realistic portraits? Do you have a knack for digital artwork? Create your own piece of art featuring cats now!

How does it work?

Submit your artwork(s) (max. 20) until April 1, 2018.
From all submissions, a professional jury will select a number of artworks that will move on to the voting round.
Next, the general public will be allowed to vote for their favorite works of art.
The author of the artwork with the most votes in its category will be crowned category winner.
The author of the artwork with the most votes in total will be crowned overall contest winner. May the odds be ever in your favour!


All artwork must be submitted in one of the following categories.

  1. Drawings: Any kind of drawing made with pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, and more. Digital drawings should also be submitted in this category.
  2. Paintings: All types of paint on canvas belong in this category, from watercolors and gouache to oil paints! Digital paintings should also be submitted in this category
  3. Photography: All photography has to be submitted in this category.
  4. Mixed Media: All remaining types of crazily awesome artwork. For example glasswork, metalwork, clay figures, sculptures…
Drawing of a ginger cat by Anne Baukje Oord

Mixed media

Painting of a white cat by Frank van Boxtel


Beautiful black cat painting by Corinne Maggiore


Beautiful picture of a cat by Agustina Pasqualis



All 4 category winners receive a piece of Vesper furniture of their liking!
The overall winner receives the brand-new iPhone X!
All winners will receive a certificate as proof of their winning.
All nominees will be offered the opportunity to have their own web page on our Catit website!
You can find the web page of the previous year’s nominees here:

Winners Catit International Art Contest 2017

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Winners Catit International Art Contest 2015

Rules & Regulations

The contest is open to a worldwide audience. To enter this contest, you must be at least 18 years old unless your local regulations regarding contest participation state otherwise. No purchase is necessary to enter the competition.


All artwork must feature one or multiple cats. The artwork cannot feature explicit scenes of cruelty towards cats or other animals. Material that is deemed inappropriate will be excluded from the competition.


If possible, take a scan of your work. When this not possible (i.e. because of the size of the work or the texture), take a clear photograph. For a good picture, remember to

  • focus on the artwork,
  • use enough lighting so we can judge the artwork properly,
  • use professional equipment and avoid low-resolution cameras like those in smartphones.

If the photo quality is insufficient or does not clearly show the original artwork, this may affect the judging. Submit your entries in a JPEG format (.jpg file extension). There is no standard format size, but keep the file under 5 MB.

Submitting artwork

Each entry must be uploaded via the contest form on the Catit website. The file must be clearly labeled: it should carry your name and the category of the artwork, for example, TPeters_Painting.jpg or MKern_Drawing.jpg. All fields on the contact form must be correctly filled in and a valid e-mail address must be given. Failure to do this may result in exclusion from the contest. Make sure to describe the materials you used when creating the artwork.