あなたのねこちゃんの写真をアップロードして、キャットギャラリーに投稿できます。あなたのねこちゃんとそのストーリーはデジタル雑誌「My Cat」に掲載されるかもしれません。コンテストではありませんので、獲得できるのはねこちゃんの名声だけであることにはご注意ください。




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Your cat as our cover model? A few tips.

Does your cat want to become a cover model for our My Cat magazine? Just upload a high-quality professional-looking portrait photo of your cat below, and perhaps your cat will be on the cover worldwide!

Photography tips & tricks

For a greater chance of your cat being placed in the spotlight, make sure you take high-quality pictures in proper lighting conditions, a neutral or blurry background (e.g. no clutter) and with only your cat in the frame (e.g. no selfies with your cat).

Trouble uploading from your mobile?

Live pictures can cause issues sometimes. Here’s how to turn off the live function of an existing picture:

  • open the image in your photo gallery
  • tap ‘live’ in the top left corner
  • select ‘off’

You can now enter the image in the entry form.

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