1. My Cat
  2. ねこちゃんアート

The art of the cat

Cats have something mysterious about them, which makes them a great art subject.
In our art galleries, you can find amazing artworks from both professional and amateur artists from all over the world! Are you a creative genius? Challenge yourself to make an amazing cat-themed creation, and upload it to our art gallery for the world to see.

Our Categories:
Painting, Drawing, Mixed-Media, Digital drawings / paintings, Ceramics, Pottery, Sculptures

  1. My Cat
  2. ねこちゃんアート

Fine feline art

Cats have something mysterious about them, which makes them a great subject for art of all kinds. In our gallery, you’ll discover stunning cat-themed masterpieces, originally submitted to our Catit International Cat Art Contest, crafted by both seasoned professionals and passionate amateurs from all around the globe. You’ll be amazed!

Catit International art contest

As a brand that’s all about cats and creativity, we just love to see how cats inspire people from all over the world to create amazing art. To celebrate this creativity, we conceived the Catit International art contest. Ever since the first edition in 2015, we have been welcoming the most amazing paintings, drawings, stained glass creations, pottery, mosaics, and much more – all in cat theme, of course! 

Catit International – Cat Art Contest 2025

Can’t wait to participate in the 2025 art contest? Get crafting and become part of the My Cat community – it’s 100% free –  so you’ll be among the first to know when entries for the 2025 contest are open. Stay tuned!

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