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The art of the cat

Cats have something mysterious about them, which makes them a great art subject.
In our art galleries, you can find amazing artworks from both professional and amateur artists from all over the world! Are you a creative genius? Challenge yourself to make an amazing cat-themed creation, and upload it to our art gallery for the world to see.

Our Categories:
Painting, Drawing, Mixed-Media, Digital drawings / paintings, Ceramics, Pottery, Sculptures

©Nynke van Holten
Adorable main coon
Nynke van Holten
©Nynke van Holten
White yawning cat
Nynke van Holten
©Pike Kokkonen
Pike Kokkonen
©Frank van Boxtel
White cat
Frank van Boxtel
©Frank van Boxtel
Two cats side by side
Frank van Boxtel
©Annette Guay
Annette Guay
©Izabel Dagenais
Izabel Dagenais
©Diana Rocca
Diana Rocca
©Britta Janssens
Sleepy cat
Britta Janssens
©Corinne Maggiore
Cat Drawing
Corinne Maggiore
©Krasimira Ilcheva
Cat painting
Krasimira Ilcheva
©Becky McEwen
Becky McEwen
©Anne-Baukje Oord
Orange Tabby Cat
Anne-Baukje Oord