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Catit PIXI Design Series

Charming cat supplies with feline features that add joy and efficiency to every aspect of cat care.

PIXI Litter Box

This stylish top-entry litter box is fully leak-proof and prevents litter spills around the house.

PIXI Cat Litter Scoop

Durable, functional and adorable in one, this scoop is perfect even for lightweight litters

Litter Boxes with Airsift Filter System

The Catit Litter Box is practical and cat-friendly, with easy-access door, anti-leak design, and integrated Airsift odor filter system. This spacious hooded litter box is delightfully easy to set up and clean.

Airsift Dual Action Odor Reducing Pad

Powerful dual-media filter for cat-friendly odor reduction in the litter box.

Litter Boxes

Hooded easy-access litter boxes with anti-leakage design and filter for odor reduction.

Smartsift litter box

Refresh the litter with a simple pull of the lever. No more scooping!

Magic Blue

Cat-friendly filter pads that reduce hazardous ammonia gases in the litter box, free of chemicals.

Litter Mat

Soft, flexible dual-textured mat that catches litter tracking and spills.