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A new feline family member

You need a cat in your life! Here’s why
Which cat is right for me? Here’s how to find the perfect feline friend

You just need to know more about kittens? Find here all kitten information!


3 creative cat hair crafts for beginners

Fauna & Flora

How to design a special garden for your cat
4 plants that will make your cat feel euphoric


4 Catit products that help save the planet
Composting: how to turn your cat’s litter into plant food
7 ways Catit Nuna helps save the planet!


What to do when someone in your household is allergic to cats?
Do hypoallergenic cats exist?
How cats conquered the world
How to do cat yoga?
Why are there so many cat-related holidays?


Will AI one day allow us to talk with cats?
11 hacks for amazing smartphone photos of your cat
Envision Catit products in your home with augmented reality
Envision Catit products in your home with augmented reality

Kids & Cats

How to teach children to be gentle with cats
4 steps for introducing your newborn baby to your cat

Our PIXI Products

How we designed the Catit PIXI product range
What is ultraviolet light and how does it benefit your cat
How the Catit PIXI Smart Feeder changes your life!

Discover the Catit PIXI Design Series
Discover the Catit PIXI Smart Design Series