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May. 12, 2022

1. Water

Make sure that your cat has plenty of fresh water. Place multiple water bowls around the house and garden to make sure that water is always within easy reach for your cat. If you have a Catit Drinking Fountain you can add ice cubes to the reservoir to keep the water cool for longer.

Make sure that your cat has plenty of fresh water

2. Shade

Make sure that your cat always has some shady spots to snooze in. Cats tend to love lying on tiles, since materials such as porcelain keep cool for longer. Creating a shady spot in a tiled area is definitely a great idea.

3. Air circulation

A simple solution to cool down your cat is to open a few windows to let a breeze in. You can also use a fan to blow around the fresh air so it spreads throughout the house. If you cannot open a window—for example because your cat would escape through them—placing some bottles of frozen water in front of the fan can help to cool down the air. Your cat will definitely appreciate a cool breeze blowing through their fur, especially if you are the proud owner of a long-haired cat.

cool down your cat is to open a few windows to let a breeze in

4. A cool sleeping spot

Fill a small bottle with water and put it in the freezer. Once the water is frozen, wrap a towel around the bottle and place it in your cat’s basket or lounging spot.

A slightly more unusual way to help your cat stay cool is to elevate their bed so fresh air can pass under it. This will help lower the temperature inside the bed.

5. Creamy ice pop

Catit CreamyCatit Creamy is our healthy and hydrating lickable cat treat. You can pop a Creamy in the freezer to make a delicious, healthy cat ice pop. A welcome relief during hot summer days! And what’s more: your cat will be able to enjoy their Creamy for much longer!

6. Wet cloth

If you decide not to go for a trim, you can keep your cat cool by taking a damp—or even wet—washing cloth and stroking him with it. Most cats don’t mind a little moisture on their fur since one way in which they keep themselves cool is by grooming, which is nothing more than wetting their fur with saliva instead of water. However, if your cat doesn’t enjoy his coat being made wet, don’t force them.

7. Grooming

Give your cat a good brushing. A clean, tangle-free coat will help your cat cool down.
If you have a long-haired cat, consider trimming his fur to help him stay comfortable in the summer heat. However, bear in mind that white and light-colored cats have pale skin, which can be subject to sunburn. It would be best to talk with your veterinarian to discuss whether trimming is a good idea for your cat or not.

Tip 5. Grooming