Catit PIXI Fountain

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Getting Started

Get your Catit PIXI Fountain up and running in no-time with these valuable tips and tricks.

What to do first?

Before assembling the fountain, we recommend doing the following:


– Give the dry filter a vigorous shake and/or tap it against a hard surface to prevent the granules inside from clumping together.
– Rinse the filter thoroughly to remove excess dust before inserting it with pockets facing down. 


– Disassemble and rinse the pump. See the instructions here.

How do I assemble the PIXI Fountain?


How do I insert or remove the spout accessory?

Simply place the spout in the top opening of the fountain and press down firmly to create an arched waterflow for your cat to drink from. Point the spout in the preferred direction, and pull up to remove when desired. The spout accessory can be inserted or removed while the pump is running.

Cleaning & maintenance

How should I clean the Catit PIXI Fountain and pump?

We recommend to clean the pump every 60 days. Additionally, if the pump makes noise, clean the pump and top up the water level in the fountain reservoir so the pump is fully submerged. For cleaning instructions, please check the instruction manual. 

WARNING: before you clean the fountain or pump! Always disconnect the fountain from the electrical supply with dry hands before putting on or taking off parts. Wash and rinse the fountain with a soft sponge and a non-abrasive cleanser. Rinse all parts thoroughly, ensuring there is no soapy residue, before reassembling.

Are Catit PIXI Fountain Filters available separately?

Yes, we offer Catit PIXI Fountain Filters in packs of 3 (#43721 ) and packs of 6 (#43722).