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What’s in a meal?

Why does cat food contain taurine?
Why does cat food contain ash?
Why is there gum in my cat’s food?

Why bugs make brilliant food for cats
What is meat meal and is it bad for my cat?
How does my cat's digestive system work
How does my cat's digestive system work

Cats and veggies

Is pumpkin good for your cat?
Is carrot good for my cat?

Healthy cats

6 vitamins that are brilliant for your cat’s health
10 human foods that are dangerous for cats

Cat food hacks

5 ways a slow feeder will enrich your cat’s life
3 things to pay attention to when buying cat food
Help! My cat won’t eat their new food!
Should I feed my cat dry food or wet food?
The step-by-step guide to putting your cat on a diet

Superfoods for cats

Cat superfoods – Wakame as a tasty health booster
Cat superfoods – Quinoa as a powerful gluten-free nutrient
Cat superfoods – Kale offers a natural power boost
Cat superfoods – Chia seeds to support your cat’s wellbeing
Cat superfoods – Coconut for a rich, tropical touch
Cat superfoods – Spirulina algae as a healthful ingredient in cat food

Catit cat Food

Using only fresh, natural ingredients, Catit foods offer many protein-rich options to add some vitalizing moisture to your cat’s daily dry food diet.