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Dec. 12, 2023

Benefits of dry cat food

Complete and less expensive

Overall, dry cat food is less expensive than canned food, which gives you value for money as most kibble is also a complete food. This means that dry cat food usually contains all the nutrients your cat needs to thrive. In addition, dry food is highly nutrient dense, which means your cat must eat less dry food to get enough of each nutrient than if they were to eat wet food.

Easy to use

Serving dry cat food is quick and easy. Just pour some kibble into your cat’s food bowl and you’re done. While wet food spoils very quickly, dry food can be left out for a little longer, allowing your cat to eat small amounts at a time. In addition, dry food is perfect for use in cat puzzle feeders and slow feeders, which appeal to your cat’s hunting instinct. Also consider an automatic cat feeder that dispenses dry food at predetermined times, making feeding time even more relaxed for you.

Dental care

Kibble is hard and crunchy, which encourages your cat to chew their food. Did you however know that cats don’t really need to chew their food as their stomach is so acidic, they can digest even the largest chunks of meat or kibble? Regardless, chewing helps keep your cat’s teeth in shape, preventing dental issues. If you notice your cat is experience dental discomfort, make sure to take them to the vet.

Benefits of wet cat food


Serving your cat wet food is a great way of helping them to stay hydrated. After all, wet food consists for 75% to 85% of moisture! All this water will make your cat feel full without adding many calories, which is great for felines that are a little overweight. In addition, wet food tends to contain more protein and less carbs than dry food, which can be especially beneficial for cats suffering from diabetes. However, don’t just experiment with changing your cat’s diet if you suspect they may have health issues. Always consult a vet for medical advice. 

Great for picky eaters

Wet food is a wonderful choice for picky cats. Since the flavor and texture options are endless, there will always be a variety of wet food that your feline likes. If your feline is super-duper picky, you can even warm up wet food to release some extra aroma. Older cats can also benefit from wet food as they won’t need to chew as much. In addition, wet food is great to conceal any medicine. 

So, which type of cat food should I pick?

Unless your cat can only have wet food or dry food for medical reasons, a mixture of both is often recommended. Playing around with both types of food allows you to learn your cat’s natural preference and helps prevent what’s called ‘bowl boredom’ – your cat getting bored of their food. Perhaps you can feed wet food as your cat’s main food, and use dry food in puzzle feeders to appeal to your cat’s hunting instinct. Prefer to do things the other way around? Fill your cat’s automatic feeder with dry food, and offer wet food as a treat.