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Adopting a cat

Why adopt an adult cat and what to expect
You need a cat in your life! Here’s why
Which cat is right for me? Here’s how to find the perfect feline friend
What is Single Kitten Syndrome and how to prevent it?
7 great ways of helping cats in need

Pixi, the Catit office cat

Hi, I’m Pixi the office cat
Pixi the office cat’s recovery story: how a little cat went through extensive surgery

Wholesome cat stories

Anne found a litter of kittens in her garden
Anne found a litter of kittens in her garden
Finding Panda and Pooky a forever home
Meet Aristide V, King of the Bruges Folk Museum
MoeGrey, the emotional support cat

Life at sea

Meet Darya, the ship’s kitten!
Meet Zena, the Dutch ship’s cat!

Bad luck, or bunch of bull?

Black cats – why are they considered bad luck?
7 incredible Black Cat Stories