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Cat speak: learn what your cat is telling you – literally!

Cats are incredibly talkative creatures. Did you know that they can produce over 100 different vocal sounds? Many of those sounds are types of meowing, …

Cat speak: what your cat’s tail is telling you

The position and movement of a cat's tail can tell you a lot about their mood. Learn how to interpret your feline’s tail movements to …

Will AI one day allow us to talk with cats?

Computer science is ever evolving and thanks to AI technology we have become so much better at deciphering animal language. So, will we soon be …

PIXI Smart Feeder Getting started

Excited to start using your Catit PIXI Smart Feeder and PIXI app? Follow the 5 steps below for an easy setup.

Connecting the PIXI Smart Feeder to the PIXI app

Learn how to use and where to find all the features the Catit PIXI Vision Smart Feeder and the Catit PIXI app have to offer.

Setting up your PIXI Smart Feeder

Prepare your Catit PIXI Smart Feeder for use by rinsing the components and assembling them as described in this handy, concise guide.

PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container – Q&A

This list of previously asked questions may help answer your own question about the Catit PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container.

PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container – Cleaning Guide

Read the instructions below to find out how to properly clean the Catit PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container, inside and out.

PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container – Getting started

Our handy guide below explains how to work the soft touch controls on the Catit PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container.

Meet Zena, the Dutch ship’s cat!

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Meet Darya, the ship’s kitten!

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How cats conquered the world

Did you know that all pet cats alive today have their roots in a small area in the Middle East? Discover how our feline friends …