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Catit PIXI Smart Design Series

Hi-tech Catit PIXI products with another layer of intelligence built into them. Compatible with the Catit PIXI app.

PIXI Smart Drinking Fountain

UV-C water clarification meets Triple Action Filtration and remote control using the free PIXI app.

PIXI mobile app

Free Catit PIXI smartphone app, compatible with all Catit PIXI Smart devices.

Catit PIXI Design Series

Charming cat supplies with feline features that add joy and efficiency to every aspect of cat care.

PIXI Drinking Fountain

Adorable cat drinking fountain with ergonomic drinking options and LED alerts, available in 4 colors.

PIXI Drinking Fountain with stainless steel top

Offers all amazing Catit PIXI Fountain features, as well as a premium, stainless-steel drinking surface.

Stainless Steel PIXI Fountain Tops

Upgrade your Catit PIXI Fountain or add a spare steel top toyour collection for easy cleaning.

PIXI Fountain Filters

Powerful triple action water filters suitable for every PIXI Drinking Fountain.

Catit Flower Fountain Design Series

Discover the iconic Catit flower design that redefined cat drinking fountains, and how it’s helping cats around the world to stay hydrated

Flower Fountain

Flower-themed cat drinking fountain with adjustable water flow and continuous triple action filtration.

LED Flower Fountain

Cat drinking fountain with special water-retaining petal top and soothing LED nightlight.

Stainless Steel Flower Fountain

Cat fountain with high-quality stainless steel drinking surface and backlit water level window.

Mini Flower Fountain

Mini-sized, fresh water drinking fountain for cats, featuring a 1.5L reservoir and triple action filtration.

Triple Action Fountain Filters

Effective triple action water filter for the Catit Flower Fountains.

Mini Fountain Filters

Compact triple action water filter for the Catit MiniFlower Fountain.

Peanut Placemat

Peanut-shaped silicone placemat including a shallow, stainless steel feeding dish.

Flower Placemat

Flower-shaped silicone placemat to catch food and water spills.

Fountain Cleaning Set

Maintenance set of 3 cleaning tools fit for every Catit drinking fountain and pump.

Fountain Accessories

Complete your Catit drinking fountain experience with top-quality gear and a handy cleaning set.

Fountain Filters

Official filters compatible with Catit Drinking fountains to purify your cat’s drinking water in 3 ways.

Flower Fountain

The original drinking fountains, with iconic flower, 3 water flow settings and triple action filter.