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Catit PIXI Smart Design Series
Catit PIXI Smart Design Series
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Catit PIXI Smart Design Series

Adorable high tech cat products with remote control app

As their name suggests, Catit PIXI Smart devices have another layer of intelligence built into them. Each Catit PIXI Smart product allows you to interact with it remotely, using the Catit PIXI mobile app. Control their features and even share access with a friend at the touch of your screen.

PIXI mobile app

Free Catit PIXI smartphone app, compatible with all Catit PIXI Smart devices.

PIXI Vision Smart Feeder

Customisable dry food dispenser that allows you to plan your cat’s meals and look in on them whenever you want.

PIXI Smart Drinking Fountain

UV-C water clarification meets Triple Action Filtration and remote control using the free PIXI app.

PIXI Smart Mouse Camera

App-controlled HD camera with automatic night vision and motion detection. Check in and talk to your cat at any time.

Catit PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container

PIXI Smart Vacuum Food Container

Ideal cat food storage container with smart vacuum technology and touch controls, for fresh, crunchy cat food.

PIXI Smart 6-meal Feeder

Use the PIXI app to feed your cat up to 6 meals of dry food, wet food or treats, served day or night.

PIXI Smart Feeder

Schedule and portion your cat's meals with the PIXI app, and stay updated and in control on the go.

PIXI Desiccant Pack

Dehumidifying silica gel packs to help preserve the crunchiness of dry food stored in the Catit PIXI Smart Feeder.

PIXI Ice Packs

Keep your cat's food fresh for longer with this set of 2 Catit PIXI Ice Packs for the Catit PIXI Smart 6-meal Feeder.

PIXI Fountain Filters

Powerful triple action water filters suitable for every PIXI Drinking Fountain.

Compatible with the one and only Catit PIXI app

Despite the wide variety in Catit PIXI Smart devices, they are all supported by the same free mobile app. The Catit PIXI app is a real time saver, as it allows you to instantly access the products you want to, without having to dig around for different apps on your smartphone. Learn more

Catit PIXI design series

Catit PIXI products celebrate cats

What unifies Catit PIXI products is their special blend of catitude and functional design, resulting in uniquely adorable, user-friendly cat products. Learn more about Catit PIXI design.

Cute feline design


Matching cat products around the house

The best Catit PIXI Smart experience

Catit PIXI Smart devices offer a new level of convenience in cat care thanks to their smart technology. To further optimise this experience, our Help and Advice section has detailed guides for every Catit PIXI Smart product, including app walkthroughs, Wi-Fi tips, and more.

Help & Advice for Catit PIXI Smart products