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Catit PIXI Design Series
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Catit PIXI Design Series

Giving cats a special place in our hearts and homes

The Catit PIXI design series consists of high-end cat supplies with a subtle cat-like design, meant to celebrate felines as genuine family members. No more second-guessing what or whom a particular item is for – Catit PIXI products are clearly uniquely designed for everyday use by cats and their loving families.

PIXI Drinking Fountain

Adorable cat drinking fountain with ergonomic drinking options and LED alerts, available in 4 colors.

PIXI Drinking Fountain with stainless steel top

Offers all amazing Catit PIXI Fountain features, as well as a premium, stainless-steel drinking surface.

PIXI Feeding Dishes

Whisker-friendly stainless steel feeding dishes with stylish cat-themed design

PIXI Elevated Feeding Dish

Shallow stainless steel feeding dish, raised to an ergonomic level for your cat’s comfort

PIXI Scratchers

Cat-themed vertical scratchers with stylish wooden facing and replaceable cardboard parts

PIXI Cat Litter Scoop

Durable, functional and adorable in one, this scoop is perfect even for lightweight litters

PIXI Spinner

This adorable motion-activated feather toy lights up, spins around, and even dispenses treats! Time for some serious fun.

PIXI Treat Dispensers

Self-righting Mouse and Rooster-shaped cat treat toys with adjustable opening. The design allows for your cat to smell and get motivated by the treats inside.

PIXI Fountain Filters

Powerful triple action water filters suitable for every PIXI Drinking Fountain.

Stainless Steel PIXI Fountain Tops

Upgrade your Catit PIXI Fountain or add a spare steel top toyour collection for easy cleaning.

Catit PIXI Smart design series

Discover the Catit PIXI Smart design series

Certain Catit PIXI products are even cleverer than others, as they can be controlled remotely with our Catit PIXI mobile app.
Discover them here

Who is Pixi?

The Catit PIXI product range was named after our very own office cat, Pixi. We adopted her from a shelter in 2016, and she has been our chief product tester as well as a source of inspiration ever since. Pixi’s presence puts a smile on the face of everyone in the office, just like our products will make you and your cat happy.

Read her story

Hi, I’m Pixi

Feline form follows feline function

The Catit PIXI products are a true tribute to cats big and small. We took the natural charm and grace of our feline friends, added a dash of cuteness, and combined those into quirky, modern products.

What to look for in a Catit PIXI?

Adorable pointy ears

Button nose and whiskers

Cute little paws

Curved tail  

Catitude at every corner

Cat products such as drinking fountains, feeding bowls and cat toys are often placed in the kitchen or living room, making them a permanent part of your home interior. Thanks to their stylish and uniform design, Catit PIXI products fit in right away and will soon become a conversation starter with friends and family.

Help & Advice for Catit PIXI products

Help & Advice for Catit PIXI products

For the best Catit PIXI experience, go to Help and Advice and select your product for convenient tips, Q&A, and step-by-step tutorials.