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Catit PIXI Spinner
Catit PIXI Spinner
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Catit PIXI Spinner

Interactive, spinning cat treat dispenser with nightlight

At your cat’s touch, the Catit PIXI Spinner will start to spin, dispensing treats to reward play. The toy’s fabric cover is easy to grip, and the cute cat features light up when activated, which is great for nightly play sessions.

PIXI Spinner in 2 colors in ideal gift box

Paw-activated whirlwind of feathery fun

Between its capacity to dispense treats, the teasing feather accessory and the cute light-up features, the Catit PIXI Spinner can convince any cat to get out of the couch and into the game. The toy is paw-activated and will automatically enter standby mode between play sessions to save power. The Catit PIXI Spinner has a built-in power switch and battery compartment for 3x AAA batteries (not included).

PIXI Spinner in 2 colors in ideal gift box


Available in 2 colors, sold in high-end gift box

Its charming design, adorable illuminating cat features and pointy little cat ears make the Catit PIXI Spinner the perfect toy to gift to any cat lover.
The Catit PIXI Spinner is available in a beautiful silver as well as in a metallic navy blue.

Unique toy with fabric cover that your cat can grab on to

While other cat toys of its kind have a fully smooth exterior, the Catit PIXI Spinner is equipped with a unique fabric cover. This clever feature enables your cat to firmly grip the toy like they would hang on to their prey in nature, for a far more satisfactory and rewarding experience.

unique fabric cover with cat claws
Catit PIXI Spinner refresh kit

Renew worn out parts to keep the fun going!

The Catit PIXI Spinner’s fabric cover and feather accessory are easily replaceable, so you can renew the toy as needed for your cat’s long-lasting enjoyment. (#43148)

Spinning treat dispenser that rewards your cat’s active play

PIXI Spinner with cat


Spins at intervals at your cat’s touch

The Catit PIXI Spinner will start spinning at intervals as soon as your cat paws at it. The rapid spinning motion sends the feather flying every which way, stimulating your cat to give active chase. The built-in counterweight ensures the toy will automatically right itself when knocked down, so the fun can keep going!

PIXI Spinner randomly dispenses treats


Randomly dispenses treats

Insert your cat’s favorite dry food or treats into the toy’s inner compartment and the Catit PIXI Spinner will randomly dispense them during play to reward your cat for their efforts. The toy is compatible with treats of up to 0.4 inches (9mm) in diameter.

Treats size for PIXI Spinner

Modern design with cute cat features and LED nightlight

nose and whiskers light up
nose and whiskers light up


Cat nose and whiskers light up during play

When the Catit PIXI Spinner is active, the LED lights underneath the fabric cover light up in the shape of a cute cat nose and whiskers. This feature increases the toy’s visibility during twilight, when cats are naturally more playful.

Technical specifications

Product Information

Catit PIXI Spinner – Silver #43145
Catit PIXI Spinner
– Blue #43146


3.3 x 9.4 in / 8.5 x 24 cm (dia. x H)


Battery-operated (requires 3x AAA batteries, not included)
Automatically enters standby mode to save power

Product Features

Paw-activated cat treat dispenser
Spins at intervals
Adorable cat-like design
Unique fabric cover (replaceable) for easy grip
Includes 2 feather accessories (replaceable)
Built-in compartment for dry cat food or treats of up to 0.4 in / 9mm in diameter (not included)
Self-righting mechanism
Refresh Kit (replacement cover and feathers) – #43148

For help with your Catit PIXI Spinner, please see our Help & Advice page.

The Catit PIXI Spinner is part of the Catit PIXI Design series

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