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Catit PIXI Design Series

Charming cat supplies with feline features that add joy and efficiency to every aspect of cat care.

PIXI Spinner

This adorable motion-activated feather toy lights up, spins around, and even dispenses treats! Time for some serious fun.

PIXI Treat Dispensers

Self-righting Mouse and Rooster-shaped cat treat toys with adjustable opening. The design allows for your cat to smell and get motivated by the treats inside.

Groovy Fish

Motion-activated dancing toy fish with catnip and USB-rechargeable battery.


Naturally enrich your cat's playtime with pure, highly potent catnip and silvervine.

Catit Senses Design Series

Catit Senses products stimulate your cat to use its sense of sight, touch, hearing, and smell. Unleash the inner tiger in your feline as your cat digs, scratches, pounces and paws!

Senses Mushroom

Motion-activated feather toy for cats offering exciting interactive play in 360°.

Senses Wellness Center

360° relaxation spot with massagers and brushes, a gum stimulator and ergonomic lounge spot.

Senses Circuits

Adjustable circuit ball toys with easy-click system. Easy to expand and combine with Senses toys.

Senses Oval Scratcher

High-density double-sided corrugated cardboard scratcher with perfect fit for Senses Circuits.

Senses Digger

Interactive slow feeder with multiple cups for digging out small amounts of cat food.

Senses Food tree

Stable tree-shaped slow feeder with 4 levels and multiple openings to encourage slow-paced eating.

Senses Grass Planter

Unique planter for optimal cat grass growth with stable design to prevent digging and knock-overs.

Senses Cat Grass Kit

Kit containing 3 batches of seeds and vermiculite to easily grow your own cat grass.

Senses Ball Dome

Energy-efficient motion-activated cat toy with tilting plate and screw-open ball.

Senses Fireball

Paw-activated flashing LED ball for Senses Circuits. Enables nighttime play, with replaceable batteries.

Senses Treat Puzzle

Interactive slow feeder with 6 puzzle layouts to hide treats in.

Senses Treat Spinner

Spinning top with soft paw openings and intricate cat treat spaces for dynamic play.

Senses Playground

Catit Senses toys encourage your cat to play, scratch, hunt and eat in a fun manner while stimulating their natural behaviors.  Create various play layouts and regularly switch up your cat’s Senses Playground!