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Senses Treat Spinner
Catit Senses Treat Spinner
Catit Senses Treat Spinner
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Catit Senses Treat Spinner

Spinning top with cat treat maze

The Catit Senses Treat Spinner has soft paw openings and intricate treat spaces to offer your cat a rewarding playtime.

Spin and eat!

The Catit Treat Spinner is the ideal toy for greedy couch potatoes as well as fun-loving kitties. It features a white melamine bottom with maze-like treats spaces and a translucent green silicone cover with openings for a dizzyingly fun and rewarding playtime.

Catit Senses Treat Spinner video
Cat toy with inner treat spaces

Spinning top for cats with inner treat spaces to reward play

This saucer-shaped interactive cat toy has a smooth base featuring intricate treat spaces, which make pawing out treats more challenging. The Catit Senses Treat Spinner engages your cat in an interactive and dynamic feeding game.

Interactive treat toy shaped like a saucer
Cat pawing out treats and pawing at the Treat Spinner

Treat toy for cats with flexible and soft openings to safely paw out treats

The four openings at the top allow your cat to grab at the delicious treats inside the Catit Senses Treat Spinner. These flexible openings are soft to your cat’s touch and for added cuteness, the opening at the center is flower-shaped!

Just insert a bit of dry cat food or treats through the flower-shaped opening, and give the cat toy a little nudge to set it in motion. Your cat will know just what to do!

Flexible and soft paw openings

Slow feeder with removable silicone cover for easy cleaning

The Catit Treat Spinner has a flexible, soft silicone cover that is of food-grade quality, very easy to remove, and dishwasher safe. When replacing the green cover, ensure that it is securely attached to the dish to make sure your cat can’t cheat their way to the delicious treats.

Removable silicone cover for easy cleaning in the dishwasher

Senses Playground

Build and switch up your cat’s playground as you see fit, using any combination of Senses toys.

Senses Playground


Product Info

Catit Senses Treat Spinner – #43750

Product Features

White melamine spinning top with treat spaces
Green silicone cover with 3 circular openings and flower-shaped hole in center
Flexible openings
Food-grade silicone (dishwasher safe)
For use with dry food and treats

For help with your Catit Senses Treat Spinner, please see our Help & Advice page.

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