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Jan. 28, 2022

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Boredom and destruction

Cats are predators, hardwired to hunt for food. If you don’t provide them with a challenge that appeals to their hunting instinct, your cat will most likely find other ways to get rid of their energy. The best-case scenario is a bout of the zoomies, but if you’re less lucky your feline might use their energy to scratch the sofa, climb the curtains, or wake you up at night for a play session.

Cat with wide eyes

The best toys to keep your cat’s mind and body active

Catnip and silvervine

Cats have a tendency to ignore stuffed toys that are lying around motionless. Make them a lot more interesting by adding a touch of catnip or silvervine. These plants cause mild euphoria in cats, having them chewing, licking or bunny kicking their toys in no-time. 

Catit Catnip & Catit Wellness Center

Motion-activated toys

Won’t catnip and silvervine do the trick? Motion-activated cat toys spring to life when your cat is in for some playtime. The Catit Senses Ball Dome will self-activate when your cat walks past, while the Catit Groovy Fish will start to dance at a touch, encouraging your feline to hunt, jump and pounce to their heart’s content.

Hunting toys

Play into the natural hunting instinct of your cat by giving them a toy they can safely chase. A ball toy is definitely a great idea! Check out the Catit Senses Circuits. They are not only one of our most popular toys, but they also wrap around the other toys in our Senses range to form a stylish whole.

Catit Senses Playground
Catit Senses Circuits

Puzzle toys

Treat puzzles for cats come in many shapes and sizes. There are treat dispensing toys, like the Catit Spinning bee and the Catit Treat Spinner, and intricate maze-like boards, such as the Catit Treat Puzzle. The idea is always the same: to get your cat to use their brain as well as their body to get to the tasty reward.

Slow feeders

Slow Feeders are puzzles that encourage your feline to “hunt” for their meal, while preventing them from wolfing down their food all at once. If you have multiple cats in your household, opt for a larger slow feeder like the Catit Senses Food Tree. Do you want to combine wet and dry cat food? Go for a dual slow feeder like the Catit Multi Feeder. Looking for a versatile feeder that’s super easy to clean? The Catit Senses Digger will be right up your alley!

Different scratching surfaces

Whether your cat likes to scratch horizontally or vertically, it is vital for them to have various surfaces that they are allowed to get their claws into. After all, cats don’t just use Scratchers to sharpen their claws, scratching also helps them to stretch their muscles, spread their scent, and relief stress.

Cat stretching on Catit Vesper Minou
Catit Vesper Minou