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Catit Senses Circuits

Closed-track ball toys with countless layout options

Thanks to their easy-click system, Catit Senses Circuits can be built and rebuilt into many different layouts, keeping your cat’s playtime fun and interesting. Combine the circuits with other Senses products to create a large dynamic playground for your cat.

Adjustable cat circuit toys with ball

Catit Senses Circuits stimulate cats to chase and paw at the little ball, darting along the enclosed track. Each cat circuit has a transparent cover with paw openings, so the ball is kept inside while your cat can easily track and bat at it. Thanks to the easy-click system, you can disassemble and rebuild the circuits into different layouts keep your feline friend entertained.

Catit Senses Circuits video

Interactive ball track for cats that allows for different play layouts 

The Catit Senses Circuits can be built into different shapes around the house. Surprise your cat with a new setup once in a while to keep their play experience fresh and exciting!

Various play layouts with ball tracks

The Catit Senses Playground experience

Cats need a healthy dose of excitement and variety to keep them engaged in their play. In order to offer something new every day, Catit Senses Circuits were uniquely created for stimulation and to embrace a wide array of products. Thanks to their flexible design that allows hundreds of different layouts, the Catit Senses Circuits really tie together the Catit Senses toys and slow feeders to form one big customizable Senses Playground. Get inspired by some of the different Senses Playground combinations below – the possibilities are endless!

Senses Playground
Senses Circuits with Senses Food Tree and Digger
Senses Circuits with Senses Food Tree and Senses Digger
Senses Circuits with Senses Ball Dome
Senses Circuits with Senses Ball Dome

Expandable tracks with easy-click system for quick assembly

Easy-click system to combine different track parts

Easy-click system for extending your Circuit

Catit Senses Circuits are easy to assemble and take apart, thanks to their cat-proof easy-click system. All Catit circuits are compatible with one another, regardless of their color. 

Ideally-sized paw openings for all cat breeds

Ideally-sized paw openings

The cover openings on Catit Senses Circuits are big enough to accommodate paws of all cat breeds.

Translucent cover allows your cat sees the ball rolling

Senses green see-through cover

Thanks to the translucent cover, your cat can easily spot the rolling ball and is continuously intrigued as the ball shoots through the Senses Circuits tracks.

Orange circuit ball

Includes circuit ball

The ball included with each circuit is colored a bright orange for high contrast against the green tracks. The ball is of the ideal size and weight to quickly bat around the track.

Circuit ball opens to insert rattling objects

Rattle, rattle, little bell

For cats who enjoy auditive stimulation such as blind cats, the circuit ball includes a little bell that rattles playfully as the ball zips around the track. The bell can be taken out if so desired.

Circuit ball opens to add fabric sprayed with catnip

Tip: insert paper towel sprayed with catnip

The ball is perforated and can be screwed open to put something inside. Spraying a bit of cloth or paper towel with catnip before adding it is a great way to naturally stimulate your cat to play.

Senses Fireball fits perfectly with Senses Circuits

Catit Senses Fireball

For high-energy play sessions after dark, we recommend the Catit Senses Fireball. This motion-activated LED ball flashes a brilliant red as your cat paws at it. The Catit Senses Fireball fits the Senses Circuits perfectly and is sold separately.

Three different Senses Circuit sets with unique content

Senses play circuit

Catit Senses Play Circuit

The Catit Senses Play Circuit is completely level to the ground, which is perfect for the ball to pick up speed. As the toy ball shoots across the track at high velocity, your cat will have a great time chasing after it.

What’s in the box?

The Catit Play Circuit includes 1 straight part, 4 flat curved parts , 2 end parts and 1 circuit ball. 

Senses Play Circuit parts
Catit Senses Play Circuit
Senses wave circuit

Catit Senses Wave Circuit

Catit Senses Wave Circuit

Thanks to its trademark elevated wavy parts, the Catit Senses Wave Circuit makes the ball react differently in play, changing its direction and speed.

What’s in the box?

The Catit Senses Wave Circuit includes 1 straight part, 2 elevated curved parts, 2 flat curved parts, 2 end parts and 1 circuit ball. 

Senses Wave Circuit parts
Senses super circuit

Catit Senses Super Circuit

With no fewer than 12 circuit parts, the Catit Senses Super Circuit truly lives up to its name. This extended combination of curves, hills and straight parts is perfect for multiple cats.

What’s in the box?

The Catit Senses Super Circuit includes 2 straight parts, 2 elevated curved parts, 6 flat curved parts, 2 end parts and 1 circuit ball. 

Senses Super Circuit parts
Catit Senses Super Circuit


Product Info

Senses Play Circuit – #43154
Senses Wave Circuit #43155
Senses Super Circuit – #43156

Product Features

Backwards compatibility with blue Senses Circuits
Can be built into many different play layouts
Great to mix and match with other Senses toys
Green peek-a-boo covers with openings
Orange toy ball
Easy-click system
Easy to assemble and clean
Made of BPA-free materials

For help with your Catit Senses Circuit, please see our Help & Advice page.

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