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Senses Fireball
Catit Senses Fireball
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Catit Senses Fireball

Paw-activated LED circuit ball with replaceable batteries

When pawed at by your cat, the Catit Senses Fireball will start flashing enticingly, stimulating your cat to play and give chase. The Fireball is the perfect size for use in Catit Senses Circuits, and features replaceable batteries for long-lasting enjoyment.

Motion-activated flashing LED ball for cats

Cats are most active around dusk and dawn, and, even though they have outstanding vision in those poor light conditions, cats still need a little bit of light to be able to see. Introducing the Catit Senses Fireball, a cool motion-activated light-up ball, of which the bright red flashes will get your cat all fired up to play.

LED cat ball activated by motion for nightly play sessions
Senses Fireball is a great fit with Senses Circuits

Perfectly compatible with Catit Senses Circuits

The Catit Senses Fireball was designed for use in Catit Senses Circuits (sold separately), meaning it has the ideal proportions and weight to roll around the tracks at optimal speed. 

Replaceable batteries to keep the fun going 

It only takes 2 batteries for the Catit Fireball to light up, which are included with the toy. After they run out, the batteries are easy to replace for your cat’s long-lasting enjoyment.

Opening the Senses Fireball
Fireball is easy to open
Easy to replace the batteries

Senses Playground

Build and switch up your cat’s playground as you see fit, using any combination of Senses toys.

Senses Playground

Technical specifications

Product Info

Senses Fireball – #43160

Measurements and Weight

10.6 x 1.7 x 5.7 in / 27 x 4,5 x 14,5 cm

Product Features

Motion-activated / Paw-activated illuminated LED ball 
Ideal for nighttime play sessions
Ball with screwtop for battery replacement
Includes 2 LR44 replaceable batteries
Compatible with Catit Senses Circuits

For help with your Catit Senses Fireball, please see our Help & Advice page.

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