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Vesper PATIO

Chic framework cat trees with beautifully integrated scratching mat and comfy den, hidden behind warm wooden laminate panels.

Vesper Treehouse

Multi-level cat play tree with comfy fabric hideaway, hammock, natural scratching post, and branches you can dress with toys.

Vesper Base

Multi-level cat towers with observation platforms, a cozy hideaway and tall natural scratching posts.

Vesper Play Furniture

Soft furniture for playful cats and kittens, using hair-resistant fabrics. Foldable for storage.

Vesper Minou

Cute & comfy cat-shaped bench covered with sisal scratching mat for elongated scratching.

Vesper High Base Giant

Super-sized 4-level cat tree for large cat breeds or multiple cats, with extra-thick scratching posts.

Vesper Box

Tasteful and compact cat trees with open layout and lots of natural scratching options.

Stacking Towers

Kitten play towers with 3 separate peek-a-boo hideaways and climbable scratching surfaces.

Fluffy beds

Soft, padded faux-fur cat beds with raised rim for highly comfortable napping, kneading and burrowing.